14th Nov: Heathens v British Army ‘A’ XV

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On Tuesday 14th November the Heathens take on a British Army ‘A’ XV at Well Hall. It’s free entry to the match, which kicks off at 19:30. Timed perfectly for some post work rugby the site, and bar, will be open from 17:00.

On an historical note, the link between the Club and the British Army goes back a long way: Two members of Blackheath FC, Lieutenant CW Sherrard RE (2 England caps) and Lieutenant CA Crompton RE (1 England cap), both of the Royal Engineers, became the first soldiers to gain the distinction of playing for their country (England) in the first ever International game.

The Army Rugby Union was born of an idea  came to three young officers while on tour as part of a Blackheath FC team in Scotland during the 1905/06 season: They were Lieutenant JEC ‘Birdie’ Partridge, Welch Regiment, Lieutenant WSD Craven, Royal Field Artillery, Lieutenant (later General Sir Clive) CG Liddell (1883-1956), Leicestershire Regiment.

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