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It is with great disappointment that we have to announce the disbanding of the Club Rugby Academy after five great years.

This year, as we moved to partner with SELC, we were looking forward to receiving over 20 new learners.

Sadly this did not happen and the eventual numbers were far lower than initial recruitment had suggested and less than required to make it a viable operation which would provide the teaching and coaching infrastructure for a successful and sustainable Academy at Blackheath Football Club.

Once this was recognised, and we had all the relevant details available to us, we contacted several local colleges and schools and then provided all the details to the parents in order for them to explore alternative education options as soon as possible.

We have been informed that all of our Year two students, looking to complete their course are now at new Academies and carrying on their second year. Our Year one students are either in other Schools or Academies or exploring opportunities at other colleges; some are also considering apprenticeships.

We wish them all well in their respective futures.

Blackheath FC deeply regrets having to disband the Academy but without the previous financial support enjoyed from a corporate sponsor, which ensured the Academy was sustainable, we were totally reliant on a successful and healthy annual enrolment, which sadly did not occur this year.

Des Diamond, on behalf of the Blackheath Executive 

Tim Brindle

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  • Tom Mellish says:

    Such a shame. Given the continued commitment recently announced by the RFU to Academies feeding the England premiership teams, it is a pity that the RFU does not support the development of the game in the ‘lower’ leagues. Only at this level can we ensure that there is a future for the game which can be enjoyed by all. Congratulations to Club for running such a successful initiative, let’s hope there is an opportunity to resurrect it in the near future. Our best wishes for the future go to all Blackheath graduates.

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