Annual General Meeting 2018

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Notice for the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING to be held at WELL HALL on the 10th JULY 2018 at 7.15




1. Welcome and Apologies DD/DV
2. To approve the Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting (4.7.17)   ALL
3. Matters arising   ALL
4. President’s Address – a Report on the activities of the Club and the Committee in the past Season and relevant matters for the coming Season   DD
5. To receive a report from the Treasurer on the financial position of the Club forecast results for year ended 30 June 2018 (being May actual plus June estimate) and also the budget for 2018/19 having been made available on request to the Members via the Club Office.   SB 
6. To receive a report from the Chairman oni)              Well Hallii)             Rectory Fieldiii)            Hervey Road

iv)           Any other matters or projects that will, or might, affect the Club for the coming Season including an update with respect to Blackheath CF & LT Ltd. and Blackheath Sports Club Ltd.

7. To receive details of Membership Fees and Gate admission charges.   KB/SB






To confirm the appointment of Dr Alan Thompson as President of the Club for a 3 Year Term.(NB the President of the Club serves for a 3 Year Term. The Term may be renewed. President Des Diamond has served one 3 Year Term plus a further 3 years in office.)Our President and surviving Past Presidents met and determined that the best candidate for our next President would be Dr Alan Thompson, who has since agreed to accept this appointment.The Meeting is asked to endorse the decision of the President and Past Presidents.                                                                                                                            Proposer: Des Diamond; Seconder Darryl Vas.





To confirm the appointment of Rory O’Sullivan as Chairman of the Club.(Note the Chairman of the Club serves until the next AGM but can be re-elected as with other Officers save for the President and the Immediate Past President.)Proposer: Russell Ticehurst; Seconder Mike Newsom   AT
10.    To elect the following Officers (to serve in addition to the President, the Immediate Past President and the Chairman).a.  Hon Treasurer – Simon Botes Proposer: Des Diamond; Seconder: Mike Newsomb.  Hon Secretary – Darryl Vas Proposer: Albert Patrick; Seconder Kelvin Bush   AT
11. To confirm the appointment of the following to the Executive Committee in addition to the Officers:a.         Rugby General Manager- Albert Patrick Proposer Des Diamond; Seconder ATb.         Executive Director – Russell Ticehurst Proposer: Simon Botes; Seconder: DV 


12. To confirm the current Vice Presidents of the Club.Proposer and Seconder required   AT
13. To approve the appointment of the following new Vice Presidents:Iain MacLeodKeith Oliver

Christine Oliver

John Hull

Iain Dinning

Claire Elliott

14. To be informed of the appointment of the Captain of the First Fifteen (Men)To be informed of the appointment of the Captain of the First Fifteen (Women)   APKS
15. To confirm the appointment of four members of the Club to the Club Committee to represent the Membership. Current Representatives are:Tim Harmer, Keith Oliver, Graham Cox, and Huw Gronow. 

Proposer and Seconder required

16. To be informed of the four members who will represent the Club on the Board of Blackheath C.F. & L.T. Ltd and Blackheath Sports Club Limited.Present appointees are:Becca Leharne, Rory O’Sullivan and Paul Roberts. Mark Adams is to retire and be replaced by Dr Alan Thompson   AT
17. Any other business.   ALL
  Date of next Annual General Meeting: Tuesday 8th July 2019Date of Financial Annual General Meeting:  tbc December 2018   DV DV
  Darryl VasHonorary Secretary9th June 2018    


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