The Most Valuable Player (MVP) stats below are calculated as follows:

  • Man of Match [Mom] is worth 8 points
  • Try [T]: 5 points
  • Drop Goal [DG]: 3 points
  • Appearances [A]: 1 point
  • Yellow Card: -5 points
  • Red Card: -10 points

Conversions and Penalties are not included in the calculation as this gives the team kicker an unfair advantage.

Blackheath Bandits

1Kai Roper-Blackman116100035
2Matt Clark0142800426
3Mark Rogers0132000310
4Ben Stanyard0132000310
5Rory Eves112000040
6Sim Obonyo111000030
7Ryan McSweeney09100045
8Harry Henson08100035
9Mike Payne08100035
10Matt Willis07100025
11Cameron Squire06100015
12Joe Marshall04000040
13Andy Lock03000030
14Cormac McMahon03000030
15Catalin Hobincu02000020
16Olly Brewer02000020
17Tim Brindle02000020
18Robert Murariu02000020
19John Walker02000020
20Alex Strat02000020
21Connor Selby02000020
22Jonny Moore02000020
23Ed Bunton02000020
24Juan Perconis01000010
25George Johnson01000010
26Andrija Grubisic01000010
27Charlie Murphy01000010
28Miles Marlow-Thomas01000010
29Gareth Hogan01000010
30Peter McSweeney01000010
31David Goginashvilli0-1000040
32Victor Olauye0-4000010
33Leo Goginshvili0-4000010