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Afternoon Peeps, did you miss me?

GAME ON | Dartfordian Angels, Away | Meet Well Hall 11:30 am | Meet Dartfordians 12:00 pm | KO 1pm, 24th Oct

Match Location: here

Looking to turn a brace of wins into a trio so far…

  • Alex Humphries
  • Ashley Peet
  • Ben Mieszkowski
  • Ceri Almrott
  • Chris Young
  • Danny Dawson
  • Harry Copeland
  • Jamie Fraser
  • James Shaw
  • Jay Moulton-Treadwell
  • Jim Nugent
  • John Hull
  • Matt White
  • Max Wilson
  • Michael Parsons
  • Nik Dining
  • Olly Brewer
  • Paolo Ancora
  • Steve Butcher
  • Tom Hogarth
  • Tudor Jones

Bandits Laws & Match Day Duties
Room for improvement in performance of these duties, but rather than shotgun everyone, I’ll speak to individuals.

Laws applicable to everyone:

  • Be on time – skips timepiece is the sole arbitrator of what the time is
  • Wear something to the game which clearly denotes you are proud to be Blackheath (i.e. the Blackheath logo must be visible)
  • If you’re getting a lift, buy your driver a drink or give him a credit note
  • After game, turn your shirt the right way round and put in the kit bag (not on it)
  • Fulfil your match day duties (see below).

Next match assigned shirt numbers and activities are:

From meet time to after post-match meal

13. Be fines master.

Before the game
14. Collect match fees (skips will provide list of members and who owes what) and ask about availability for next week.
15. Fill water bottles. Take out to pitch, and ensure safe return of ALL bottles
16. Look after match balls, and ensure safe return
17. Ensure valuables have a safe home during the game

After the game
18. Ensure changing room is left tidy (feel free to fine anyone who has been particularly messy)
19. Ensure the kit is taken to the launderette (note you don’t have to actually take it, just ensure that someone does)

Men’s Club Tour
John’s on holiday at the moment, but please reply to him about the tour if you haven’t already done so. Although things may change, here’s the key facts about the current offering:

  • Majorca Beach Tournament
  • Leave Friday, 29th April, return Monday 2nd May (bank holiday)
  • Play rugby in between drinks Saturday / Sunday
  • Cost of £425 (estimated, may change dependent on numbers) which covers:
    • flights
    • airport transfers
    • 3 nights accommodation including breakfast
    • entry to tournament
    • tour shirt and
    • as many good-times as you can handle!

To help John with numbers, can you please indicate your interest (or not) by emailing him on

RWC Meal
So it’s now an all southern-hemisphere tournament, which should produce some good rivalry and tough matches. As a precursor to the final, once again the one-armed Bandit (Tim) has organised some fine fayre and drinks promotions. £25 will get you a 3 course-meal and a seat in front of the telly. Let me know if anyone is interested in setting up a Bandit’s table or two.

Quiz Nights
Chance to demonstrate that your brain is bigger than your biceps. Chris ‘Tex’ Young has kindly volunteered to captain a Bandit’s team. Either contact him directly on or use the Bandit’s WhatsApp group.

Invitation Match | Drybrook RFC veterans | 2nd Jan 2016
Only had a few replies regarding this invitation match. As the logistics are slightly more involved than a quick trip down the round, I do need more advance warning than the Thursday before KO.

Drybrook RFC veterans were one of the teams that played in the Malta tournament and I suspect some of you shared a few beers with. They’ve invited us over for a friendly game on 2nd Jan. They’ve chosen this date as our 1st XV are playing away at Cinderford, only 3 miles away. We’ve spoken to the powers that be and they have agreed that we can share the 1st team coach to travel to the game. Ideally, we’re looking for an early KO with Drybrook, so that we can then watch some of the 1st XV game, but this depends on the 1st team’s itinerary. All the logistics still need to be sorted, but before we go to that length, is anyone interested in honouring the challenge?

Training | Wednesdays, 7:15 pm | Well Hall
Those that train seem to be enjoying the exercise, but we need more bodies if we want to practice drills. Another new face on Wednesday.


  • Luke Verikas

This week saw more new faces than regular Bandits (7 vs 3). There’s no doubt that training is working. We’re already better organised and more fired up when the game starts. Please make every effort to train.

Club Membership
The numbers continue to grow, but we still need more. If you haven’t paid-up yet, details available at, and if you’re a regular seasoned Bandit expect your own personal invitation from yours truly.

Please note the additional £70 covers all match fees, so the sooner you pay your membership, not only will you get some great benefits (like 10% off the bar at Well Hall), you’ll also be saving money over the season. This means out of fairness to those that have paid their memberships (and therefore their season’s match fees), after a game I will be collecting £1 from Members (to go towards opposition jug) and £10 (yes TEN pounds) from non-members (a student/unemployed discount will be applied); this will cover the match day fees and a contribution towards the infrastructure that allows us to enjoy everything that is rugby.

If you can’t afford the one-off hit, there are payment plans available. If you still can’t afford it, please talk to me.

Hopefully see you on a pitch or in a bar soon :)

El capitán de los bandidos 2015/16

Jim Nugent

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