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Since the first cricket match played by this group in 1982 at Sutton Valence, the side has turned out regularly, be it only once a year. In recent years the team have moved into Europe playing in Pezenas (France), Toulouse, Gibraltar, Bordeaux, Nice, Milan and Malta. It was in Malta in 2016 against their national over 50s XI that the team recorded its first ever victory in Europe.

This year in July the team, still buoyant from their victory, took on the might of Alicante. With a group 20 strong, of which 14 took to the field, defeat once again reared its ugly head. Alicante scored 207 and the dogged BFC side were 178 for 12 at the close. The post-match enquiry cited all the usual excuses _ “the heat”, “they had 2 good bowlers”, “we don’t take it seriously enough”, “we must pick the batting order on merit”, “we need more practice” etc. but finally all agreed, as so many times before we weren’t good enough.

Three excellent open air restaurants were welcome evening diversions from the main mission. One of the party had produced song sheets which allowed the group to offer word-perfect, harmonious renderings of some old favourites to the locals and tourists alike. One ambitious attempt to sing Wonderwall at the top of a restaurant-filled square drew rapturous applause from all the diners.

As usual the rest day saw 8 golfers go for a splendid walk. The remaining 12 went on a boat trip around the bay with lots of swimming and diving between bouts of eating and drinking from the superb on-board picnic.

The group consisted of Messrs Acott, Diamond, Legge, Hursey, Fenby, Evans, Birrell, Fuller, Vaughan P, Vaughan D, Crust, Wells, Slater J, Matthews, Bodenham, Kibble, Wolstenholme, Williamson, Purchase and Rutter and have made a modest donation of a £200 which will be diverted to the CRY charity.

A true example of the old helping the young.


Angela Bishop

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