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Yesterday we received the keys to Hervey Road Playing Fields, as we prepare for the start of the season and the school term.  It’s a project that has been a long time in the making and its purpose is to both provide more space for our ever growing youth section, and serve as a focal point for our work with the community, from working with schools to the delivery of the Charlton Triangle Homes Summer programme.

The pavilion is still yet to be fully equipped, but today some prep work was done by Club member’s of all ages, and some of the pitch areas are awaiting the new grass to grow.  But it’s almost ready to start using and over the coming weeks & months there will be ongoing improvements.

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On Sunday the Club Minis will have their first use of the ground and see not only what there is now, but also its potential.

Whilst we are utilising the fields on Sunday as part of our Mini Rugby there is still extensive groundwork to be finished and much of the site is fenced off. Due to this work and the heavy machinery still on site we are not yet able to open the site to the general public. We will be inviting local residents to an open evening very soon where we can discuss the fields in more detail.

School use will get under way in the coming weeks and over time, as the site develops, use by the whole community will grow and it will become a hub for community sport.

Given how close Hervey Road is to where so many of our members live we encourage everyone to walk where possible this Sunday, to support the sustainable travel plan in Greenwich.



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  • Richard Clark says:

    Congratulations to all involved with this project. I know it has taken a great effort over the last few years to get to this point. Well done!

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