Donating Old Rugby Kit

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Ever wondered what happens to old rugby kit?  For many people the shirts (and shorts, boots and so on) are recycled through charity shops and clothes banks, and for a good number of members with more than one child, old rugby shirts are recycled through the family.

For some years now the Club has been recycling old kit through the expansion of our glorious game, via Trevor Martingell who does a lot of work as a Trustee for Tag Rugby in Africa and Europe. The reach of the Club’s influence across the world is staggering, as you can see in the picture that Trevor sent to our President Des Diamond from a school tournament in the Copper belt in Zambia. Some of the players are wearing Blackheath kit which was donated many years ago and it’s still being used by a school.

Donated shirts

Frank Turner (our own Club groundsman) is involved collecting the kit and if you or your children have playing shirts or shorts that are outgrown or simply so rarely worn you’ve almost forgotten that you have them, we can ensure that this kit is recycled in a way that’s supporting the growth of our wonderful game across the world.  Just bring the old kit in a bag with you to a home game or to training on a Sunday if you’re a youth parent and visit the Club shop.  From there we will continue to collect the shirts and pass them on for future use throughout Africa.

Tim Brindle

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