Askeans vs Blackheath Bandits

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Event Results

Blackheath Bandits117


Date Time Season
3rd Sep 16 1:00 pm 2016


Well Hall
25 Kidbrooke Lane, London SE9 6TE, UK


Position MoM DoD T C P DG

Blackheath Bandits

Player Position MoM DoD T C P DG
Nik DinningScrum-half000100
Joel SturmfelsFly-half000000
Ceri AlmrottWing000000
Kiwi AlexCentre000000
John WalkerCentre000000
Dan GilmourCentre000000
Jamie FraserFull-back000000
Alex HumphriesLoose Head Prop000000
Jonathan ChicoHooker000000
Olly BrewerTight Head Prop000000
Jim NugentSecond Row000000
James ShawSecond Row000000
Gareth HughesFlanker000000
Ben WalkerFlanker101000
Oli ButterworthNumber 8000000
(Chris ‘Tex’ Young)Wing000000
(Ben Luxon)Centre000000
(Adrian Cordero)Wing000000
Total 101100

Ben’s Bandits Blow Bye-Bye Battle

It was the start of the season, but the end of an era. Long standing Bandit’s stalwart Ben Walker had had enough of Shawsey’s jokes, skips pep talks and wondering whether brother John was playing in the centres or the pack, and so was off to the Big Apple.

In recognition of Ben’s many years of support and dedication, he was awarded the honour of skips for the day and therefore one last opportunity for him to make an impact. And so it was on the first Saturday of September 2016 that a mixed bag of Bandits eventually took to the field against a well drilled Askeans’ squad.

The pack normally a strength of the Bandits’ game, looked second best to a fitter and more determined Askeans’ 8; the scrum looked unsteady, the new 5 man lineout (although showing signs of promise) was unreliable and generally the desire for the big boys to get stuck-in seemed absent, the one real exception being the obvious Ben Walker.

The game was evenly matched for the first quarter, the deadlock finally being broken by a move straight off the Askeans’ training ground. Converted. 7 – nil to Askeans.

Time to wake up; the Bandits knew they were in a game. After some sustained Bandits’ pressure, but failuring to finish the move, the Bandits found themselves trying to disrupt an Askeans’ scrum 15 yards from the Askeans’ line. Despite the Bandits grunting, the Askeans’ scrum wasn’t going anywhere, however neither was the Askeans’ scrum-half who was caught flat footed by Dynamo Dinning pinching the ball as it popped out the back of the scrum. Although doing the majority of the work, Nik couldn’t get over the line, no problem, on hand was Mr Walker. Under editorial licence and tour rules stating that I am my brother’s keeper, let the history books show that Ben Walker was on hand to receive the ball from Nik and crash over the line between the posts. Converted by Nik. 7 all.

Last play of the half says the Ref, last opportunity to score thinks Askean centres, time for bed thinks Bandits. Possibly a little harsh when you’ve played your first 40 minutes of rugby of the new season and then expected to catch Eltham’s answer to Usain Bolt. Unconverted. 12 -7 to Askeans at half-time.

Time to catch your breath, bring on some fresh legs and stop some old ones from going off! A quick pep talk and nods all round that the game was still winnable. Well it would have been had the Bandits managed to retain the ball from the kick off. It seems Nik wasn’t the only poacher on the field. One second the Bandits had the ball, the next Askeans had it touched down for a try. The Bandits 40 winks had cost them 10 points.

Apart from the initial Askeans’ steal, the second half was relatively even. The only noteworthy events being the constant loss of players through injury and/or fatigue resulting in uncontested scrums, Nik D being thwarted from scoring by Olly Brewer as Nik discovered that Olly couldn’t disappear up his own, and finally an element of de ja vu, and finally an element of de ja vu as the Bandits went to sleep just before the final whistle of the game. One last score for Askeans. Unconverted. Final score 22 – 7 win for Askeans.

It was a real shame that the Bandits couldn’t do Ben proud, but the best team won fair and square.

Thanks to the new faces; Adrian, Gareth, Dan, Ben and Joel.

Next game away to Bromley III’s.

Good luck in New York Ben from all your Bandits buddies.

Jim Nugent

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