High Tackle Decision Framework

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The Club Committee wishes to draw the attention of all members, players, coaches, administrators and spectators at the Club to World Rugby’s High Tackle Decision Framework. This should be particularly helpful as we see this applied, with results, at the current Men’s Rugby World Cup and may serve to reduce heated debate!

However, the Framework applies at all levels of the game and is designed not only to improve accuracy and consistency to the application of sanctions (red/yellow card/penalty only), but most importantly serves to support protection of the head of both players in contact in sanctioning the tackle behaviour that is known to be the highest risk, providing a strong disincentive for this behaviour.

Once the distinction is made between a shoulder charge and a high tackle (very clearly defined), the process moves to define the degree of danger assessed, together with aggravating or mitigating factors. This then leads the match official(s) to a decision.

The Framework is publicly available on the World Rugby website but for your convenience we provide a link to it here.

Tim Brindle

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