More improvements at Well Hall

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by Russell Ticehurst, Chairman

Another new season is about to start and regular users and visitors to Well Hall will notice some significant changes when they return soon.

We have worked throughout the off-season to keep our ongoing upgrade programme in motion. We have installed twelve new windows in the bar, hall and the new boardroom, in addition to a brand new ceiling in the main hall, providing us with a fantastic space for the upcoming RWC 2015 and for hiring out for members’ use.

We’ve been able to do this because of a generous contribution from the Blackheath Development fund and monies raised from our appeals and surplus in July due to excellent cash management.
This couldn’t have happened at all had it not been for the hard work and dedication of Mick “Pup” Harris, our Facilities Manager at Well Hall, who has organised, managed and tidied up after all of our fitters and builders to ensure everything was ready ahead of schedule. Big thanks Mick.

Please take the time to visit Well Hall and consider us as first choice for any function you may wish to host.

Graham Cox


  • chris brewerton says:

    How about a “virtual” tour of the facilities here and at the Rec for poor buggers like me who are never in the UK during the season! (I was a member end 80s early 90s before moving to Italy – work/family prohibits visits to London from September to July; would be nice to see all the changes over the years….)

  • Gillian Knight says:

    Nice to see pic of Well Hall as I used to play hockey there for forty years. Also where I met my husband Michael Knight one of the Clubs Vice Presidents before he died twelve years ago. Looking forward to seeing updates.

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