More Work Underway @ Well Hall

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Anyone who’s played at Well Hall and used the changing rooms & showers there can attest to the fact that they were lagging somewhat behind the rest of the facilities…….. well no more.  Work has begun to create top of the range facilities ready for 1st team rugby from next season, and available to all players from the 1st XV to the next generation in the youth section.

The old changing rooms are being knocked through and new, modern ones being built, that are for the most part more spacious as well as cleaner, warmer and in keeping with a club of our standing

Out with the old

.IMG_3978  IMG_3983


And in with the new

All aborad changing rooms work IMG_4247


No more bath time

To create more space the old baths are being taken out and the new showers will be unrecognisable from the old ones, and there will be even more segregation to allow more age categories as well as male and female fixtures to be played.

No more bath time



We will keep members up to date with the p[rogress All in all, the end result will be amazing facilities for players to match the standard of the new pitch and the all weather surface

Pitch One and stand

Tim Brindle

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