Christmas Curry

6:30pm, 16th Dec @ The Saffron Club Indian Restaurant, Blackheath

For those of you new to the event, it normally involves playing or watching rugby on a Saturday with your mates, having a post match drink, followed by a pre-meal drink, followed by a curry, followed by a post meal drink.

The room we used last year held about 20, so whilst there’s plenty of space, given the number of socialites we have, I’d advise you confirm your interest early to Jim Nugent.

The cost of the meal is £23 per head. Rather than try to deal with 20 individual orders, and folk waiting for their order to arrive. I’ve agreed a set menu (see below) that should cover all the bases, as well as ensuring that you replace all of those calories that you’ve burnt either playing or watching our win away to Old Dunstonians.


  • Poppadoms & Pickles
  • Onion Bhaji
  • Lamb Seekh Kebab
  • Tiranga Murgh Tikka
  • Tandori Veg


  • Chicken Phall
  • Lamb Jalfrezi
  • Makhani Chicken
  • Lamb Karahi
  • Bhindi Dopiaz


  • Pilau Rice
  • Bombay Aloo
  • Adraki Aloo Gobi
  • Daal Tadka
  • Chapati


  • Plain Nan
  • Keema Nan
  • Onion Kulcha
  • Chapati

Allowed Out to Play, and committed to the cause

  • Andy Lock
  • Chris Rees
  • Chris Young
  • Iain MacLeod
  • Jim Nugent
  • John Walker
  • Luke Chappell
  • Mark Lordan
  • Matt Clark
  • Michael Chapman
  • Nik Dinning
  • Nick Probert
  • Paul Roberts
  • Rob Cook
  • Sim Obonyo
  • Simon Botes

Allowed Out to Play, but not quite so committed

  • Russel Ticehurst

Not Allowed Out to Play

  • James Clephane
  • James ‘Habana’ Ryan
  • John Hull
  • Mario Ferrara
  • Olly Brewer
  • Rory Eves
  • Tim Brindle