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Hola Bandits,Hope you’re well and awoke with a big smile this morning,
Some new faces
It’s always great to meet fellow aficionados who enjoy playing with an odd shaped ball (the old ones are the best ones), so I’d like to welcome some new names to the Bandits brotherhood.  Hopefully coming to pitch near you soon are:
  • Adi Buxton,
  • Billy Weir,
  • Kevin Lee,
  • Thomas Montgomery,
  • Tudor Jones
Welcome guys 🙂
Training | Wednesdays, 7:15 pm | Well Hall Road
Our first success of the season.  Eight bandits turned out on Wednesday, about 7 more than I was expecting.  Good fun, good exercise and time well spent.
London French tournament | 12th Sept | Cancelled
It seems apathy is still rife with less than a quarter of the distribution list replying and only about 5 of us confirming our desire for retribution.  I’ve asked Shawsey to let London French know we won’t be attending.  [*Fetches soap-box]. Bad form. These guys literally went out of their way to make new friends and to extend their rugby fraternity, it’s a real shame it appears we can’t even be bothered to respond to the invite, let alone take them up on their hospitality. [*Steps off soap-box].
Friendly Availability | 11th Sept evening 
Whatever your reasons for either not replying or wanting to play against London French, I still think (after all it is September and the season has started) it would be good to try to get one more game in before our first league game against Park House II’s.  So with no particular opposition in mind, or even arranged at this point, and due to pitch availability, please advise of your availability to play on Friday evening, probably a 8pm KO.
World Cup launch meal | 6pm, 18th Sept | Well Hall Road
Excerpt from Club email…
To mark the opening match of RWC, England v Fiji, the Club will be hosting a Dinner at Well Hall, followed by World Cup opening match England v Fiji on TV.  It will be a 2 course dinner put on in conjunction with our new caterers, ScrumClubCatering.  Places are available at £20 a head, or £160 for a table of 8.  Dinner will then be followed by England v Fiji on the various TV screens around the bar and hall.A number of tables have already been booked.  You have to book and pay in advance to reserve your place and to book yours whilst there is still availability please email Lisa Maresca-Harmer or call her on 07747 795768 by Monday, 14th September.
As well as celebrating the World Cup, this will be an opportunity to see the improvements made over the summer, with a new ceiling in the hall and new windows throughout, to make the clubhouse experience for all members and users even more enjoyable. 
It looks as if a Bandit’s table is on, but I can’t book until I have a full table, and places are running out, so please let me know asap.  Several of you have mentioned it in passing, but the only definite names I have so far are:
  • me
  • Kiwi Alex
  • John Hull
  • Oli Butterworth
  • Olly Brewer
Remaining three places available on a first come first served basis, unless of course we try to get two tables, but I need to know asap and no later than the booking deadline of 14th Sept!
Parkhouse II’s | 3pm KO, 19th Sept | Away @ Park House
Trying to get ahead of the game, can you also let me know of your availability for the Park House game, our first league fixture.  If you are available, please include whether you are going direct, or are able to give a lift to others from Well Hall Road, or whether you need a lift from Well Hall Road.  Remember league rules only allow for us to take a team of 18, so get your votes in early.
Comms | Website | WhatsApp
The website continues to grow: Blackheath Bandits and I’ll try to get round to adding those numbers I have to the Bandit’s WhatsApp group.  Still looking for Social event ideas, let Kiwi Alex or me know. Please contribute, after all it is your rugby club…which does need funding…
Club Membership
Time to get your memberships in.  All details available at  Please note the additional £70 covers all match fees, so the sooner you pay your membership, not only will you get some great benefits (like 10% off the bar at Well Hall), you’ll also be saving money over the season. If you can’t afford the one-off hit, there are payment plans available.
Here’s to an awesome World Cup Year Blackheath Bandits’ season.  BRING IT ON!!
El capitán de los bandidos 2015/16

Jim Nugent

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