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Bonjour mes frères,
So this is it, tonight’s the night, no more sleeps until it all kicks off. What ever team you support, I wish you and your team an enjoyable world cup.  C’mon Ing’LANND.
World Cup launch meal | 6pm, Tonight | Well Hall
With almost enough Bandits to make a team outing, it’s a great show of support for the World Cup launch meal and club event.
Representing the Bandits on this occasion are:
  • Iain Macleod
  • Jim Nugent
  • John Hull
  • Jon Fleming
  • Kiwi Alex
  • Nathan Brindle
  • Nik Dinning
  • Oli Butterworth
  • Olly Brewer
  • Paul O’Brien
  • Paul Roberts
  • Richard Brookes
  • Richard Leon
  • Tim Brindle
The game will be shown on all the clubhouse TV’s at 8pm, so if you can’t make it for the meal, why not come down and soak up the atmosphere (and a few beers).  It’s loads more fun shouting at the telly with a group of equally bias supporters, regardless of whether you’re part of the England fraternity, or ABE (Anyone but England) group.
Ladies COCKtail Night |At some point tonight | Tudor Barn
Some of the ladies are taking the opportunity to partake of a few cocktails whilst the blokes shovel food down themselves, probably literally, bib anyone?  If you want to know more details, please contact me.
Parkhouse II’s | 3pm KO, 19th Sept | Away @ Park House
The team had pretty much picked itself by Monday, so thank you to everyone that replied, regardless of whether it was a Yes or No, it really does make life a lot easier. However it’ s taken a team effort to get this far, thank you to everyone who either cajoled or was talked into playing, however, the keen eyed amongst you will notice that we’re still short of a loose-head prop.  Without a competing front row, we lose before we start. If anyone knows of a prop looking for something to do tomorrow and wear the badge of Blackheath.  Don’t hesitate.
[*sadly reaches for soapbox] Too many people still can’t be bothered to reply to emails (more than half of you).  If you’re not interested in playing rugby for the Bandits, can you please have the courtesy to tell me and I’ll move your email address to the Social distribution list.  That will save me having to mess around with large lists and trying to get around Google spam rules.  Lots of people give up their time freely to make sure we have everything we need to play rugby on a Saturday and some of you can’t even be bothered to hit the reply button. [*Steps off box, kicks it in to the corner and mumbles something inaudible into his coffee].
This season’s openers are:
  • Andrew Cullen
  • Ben Mieszkowski
  • Ben Mieszkowski’s Mate
  • Ceri Armott
  • Chico
  • James Jones
  • Jim Nugent
  • Kiwi Alex
  • Lewis Preston
  • Matt Irvine
  • Matt White
  • Nye Bidwell
  • Oli Butterworth
  • Olly Brewer
  • Paul O’Brien
  • Paul O’Brien’s next door neighbour
  • Tim Brindle
  • Tom Hogarth
Training | Wednesdays, 7:15 pm | Well Hall
Lol, I did wonder how keen people would be if the weather turned, and with Wednesday’s showers, it didn’t take long to find out.  Okay so Rome wasn’t built in a day, but to be honest I’m still high from the previous session and despite my selection frustration really looking forward to trying out some new stuff against Park House, incidentally Mr O’Brien has come up with a great idea of the possibility of doing a workout indoors.  Watch this space.
Colfeians (one more vowel and they’d have had the full set)  | 3pm KO, 26th Sept | Kidbrooke Coliseum (aka Well Hall) 
Once again a healthy start to availability for this first home game (8 confirmed so far).  Regardless of whether you intend on playing or not, please come down to support and more importantly be there for the Bandits Squad photo – class of 2015/16.  Would be great to update the team photo in the clubhouse and thereby confirming your place in history for this most prestigious of clubs.
RWC Day of Rugby | 26th Sept 
England vs Wales on telly at Club.  KO at 8pm.  Tim has arranged for a few beer promotions, so hang around after the game and get slaughtered, just like the dragons.  Am I going to regret saying that?
Club Membership
Good to see the numbers of paid up members growing, if you haven’t done so yet, details available at
Please note the additional £70 covers all match fees, so the sooner you pay your membership, not only will you get some great benefits (like 10% off the bar at Well Hall), you’ll also be saving money over the season. This means out of fairness to those that have paid their memberships (and therefore their season’s match fees), after a game I will be collecting £1 from Members (to go towards opposition jug) and £10 (yes TEN pounds) from non-members (a student discount will be applied); this will cover the match day fees and a contribution towards the infrastructure that allows us to enjoy everything that is rugby.
If you can’t afford the one-off hit, there are payment plans available. If you still can’t afford it, please talk to me.
At the time of writing (Thursday evening), in addition to those from last week, the following Bandits have paid up making 16 so far:
  • Andrew Cullen
  • Chris ‘Tex’ Young (was missed off last weeks list)
  • Erik Bloomquist
  • John Hull
  • John Walker
  • Kiwi Alex
Feel free to put me straight if you’ve paid, or better still, pay and then put me straight.
RWC Fantasy League
Last chance for bragging rights. Go to  Search for “Well Hall Cup” and use pin 1120717-5237 to get involved.
Hopefully see you tonight at some time in the bar 🙂
El capitán de los bandidos 2015/16


Jim Nugent

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