Club Doesn’t Stop in Lockdown

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The Hard Work Never Stops!

Followers of the Club social media, and readers of the weekly newsletter, will be aware that Frank our groundsman and a small core of volunteers have been working hard throughout the lockdown at Well Hall and Hervey Road.  Of course, safe distancing was observed and Government guidelines were followed but the work was vital to maintain the Club sites.  As well as the pitch renovations and frequent cutting they need at this time of year (Pitch One alone needs cutting 2-3 times a week, which is done by Frank & Russell by hand with  stadium mowers), the rest of the grounds needed to be weeded, the extensive boundaries & verges kept under control and ongoing repairs to things like damaged steps carried out.  

A stadium mower similar to those we use at Well Hall

Now, as the lockdown restrictions have been lifted a little we have seen a return of many of the other volunteers who regularly work at Well Hall in normal times.  With carefully planned schedules, workplans and use of resources to ensure all parties remain safe a bigger programme of work is now underway than would normally be possible all at once when the site is operational:

Christine, Mark and Dan, assisted at times by varying others have given the changing rooms a deep clean and are now quite a long way through the repainting of them all.

Room 6 – Base of Operations

Upstairs Andy is steadily working his way through the large undertaking of renovating the bar area – removing the memorabilia, repainting the walls, repairing wear & tear in places, and carefully ensuring that everything goes back onto the walls in their original places – and making running repairs to things like door handles in the changing rooms etc. 

Giving the bar a facelift is a step by step process

Outside Alan has been weeding, strimming and other tasks, as has Keith who is also repairing and repainting the bleachers on which so many of us stand to watch our home games. 

Last week a couple of the Bandits moved many of the above bleachers to make way for maintenance vehicles and spent several hours repainting all the black & red barriers that line the Pitch One behind the goal line at the club house end. Then this week Des, Paul Matthews and a number of the former players from the 80s were tackling many more of the barriers and other outside tasks. 

Pitch 3 is now in tremendous condition which, given it was a waterlogged bog for much of January and February, is a testament again to the hard work of our Groundsman. 

Meanwhile up at Hervey Road, which has been used daily by hundreds of people to take their socially distant exercise since the start of Lockdown the grounds have been looked after, weeds kept under control, the most worn areas reseeded and, unfortunately, a LOT of litter clearing by a team of Alan, Jackie, Richard & Hugh, with Frank again cutting the fields themselves regularly. 

All of the above is work that happens every year but the amount of work undertaken this year in particular, in such strange and difficult circumstances, is a testament to our amazing volunteers and to Frank.  

Tim Brindle

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