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The club shops are open at the following times for players, members and supporters to pick up essential Club merchandise, ranging from playing kit and leisurewear for both the touchline and out & about, through to souvenirs and more formal items such as Club ties.

  • Rectory Field Shop: Open home match days from 2pm – 5pm.
  • Well Hall Shop: Most Sunday mornings in the season, when Minis and Juniors are at home, from 9:30am – 12:30pm.

These times may vary slightly as the shops are run by volunteers but we do our best to stick to them.

As you can understand, it is not possible to keep both shops fully stocked with all sizes over every possible item that members may want, but we do try to anticipate needs. We also try to move stock between the sites to maximise choice.

Currently in stock we have a range of items, including

  • Technical Playing shirts
  • Playing shorts
  • Traditional Cotton ‘Supporter’ shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Ties and Cufflinks
  • Jackets and training tops
  • Beanie hats and gloves
  • Backpacks and match day holdalls

And, with the colder weather arriving a new stock of hoodies and body warmers will be arriving soon.


Tim Brindle


  • says:

    Where can I find the fixture list?

    • Tim Brindle says:

      It’s under Teams/1st XV/Fixtures
      There is also a direct link from the home page

      • Simon says:

        I’ve just moved to London, so not really familiar of the place, is anyone allowed to come training, if so, timings and what days please! Because me and a few guys here are interested.

        • Tim Brindle says:

          Hi Simon
          We are an open Club in that we welcome all comers of all playing abilities, so we will have a team for you. The 1st & 2nd XV train Tues and Thurs evenings but they are the semi-professional side of the Club and it would be best to contact me in the Club Office or the Director of Rugby if you think that is the appropriate level for you (details are under the Club Info tab). We also run several amateur men’s sides who train on Wednesday nights at the Well Hall – meet 7:15 for a 7:30 start. The 3rd XV play a pretty high standard in one of the Zoo Leagues and the 5th XV, our most ‘social’ side play in the Kent Met Spitfire League. Contact Stew in the 3s via and Jim in the 5s via to get details of the next training session



  • Becca says:

    Can you keep the shop open later on Sundays when the women have home games. The current times aren’t that convenient for us and our supporters to get kit

    • Tim Brindle says:

      Hi Rebecca

      Do you mean the Rectory Field shop or the one at Well Hall? If the latter, whilst officially open until 12:30 is often actually open longer, and if closed other Well Hall staff are often able to open up for individuals to purchase specific items later on a Sunday or on training nights etc.

      If it’s about opening the Rectory Field shop on a Sunday, it might be easier to contact me in the office to discuss, because that is logistically more difficult but of course we’d like to find a solution if we can.

      • Becca says:

        It’s Rectory field, hence it being home games. I can see that it will be a stretch since we are replying on kind volunteers, but I assume you have a list of our matches, and an effort to enquire if we need the shop open could be made, especially on double headers like this Sunday.

  • Bean says:

    Can you buy from the club shop online?

    • Tim Brindle says:

      Unfortunately we cannot operate an online shop or mail-order because we do not have the resources. We are constantly looking for solutions to this but nothing is in place at the moment.

      However we do have good stocks in the club shops so if you can get along I am sure you will find something suitable.

  • John says:

    H Tim
    Aer either of the club shops open this weekend?

  • Richard Leach says:

    Do you any think in a three xl like the club jacket

    • Tim Brindle says:

      Shirts, jackets and hoodies come in a a range of sizes including 3XL. It all depends what’s in stock on any given week but as of yesterday 3XL shirts and hoodies were in stock.

  • Chloe says:

    Hello do you stock any rugby shirts for age 1-2? My dad would like to get his grandson one for Christmas. Thanks!

    • Tim Brindle says:

      We do stock some extra small ones that might be suitable. The best thing is to pop into the Well Hall Shop on a Sunday morning to check if the size is appropriate.

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