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Although no rugby has been played since mid-March, we hope you have been keeping in touch with us across our social media channels. We’ve been posting information regularly across the different platforms, including our daily ‘Club by Numbers’ posts on Instagram and updates on some of the work across both sites keeping them in good shape.

This week we launched the ‘Blackheath Rugby Team of the Decade’ series, that we announced in Fridays newsletter: a position per day will be posted on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, with four players per position (pre-chosen by the Exec) available for you to vote for. The Exec will be choosing their TotD too, which will be announced after the team you have voted for is revealed.

If you don’t get the Club newsletter it’s easy to sign up – just click here to email Tim and you’ll be added to the mailing list

If you’ve not already seen them we are also posting weekly ‘Club Catch Up’ videos of our favourite games, which can all be found on our YouTube channel, as well as on Facebook &n Instagram.  The games so far are:

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