Was that really the Bandits I saw training?

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It sure was! On a wet Wednesday night, a few brave Bandits decided to brave the elements for the greater good of themselves and the team.  After a 30 minute warm-up and hard workout, the Bandits got into what they love best; throwing a ball about, running about like newly born gazelles and then chatting with their mates.

It was great to see some old faces (Messrs Roberts, Brindle and Cullen no less), some regulars (Tex and Shawsey) and especially some new faces; Billy Weir and Tudor Jones. Welcome boys, I’m sure you’re going to make an excellent addition to the squad.

Training is on Wednesday nights at Well Hall Road, normally on the All Weather Pitch.  Meet at 7:15pm to get going flat out by 7:30pm.  Everyone welcome, regardless of whether you’re planning on playing this season.

Jim Nugent

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  • Tim Brindle says:

    Fellas – it was great to shake off some rustiness and get chucking a ball around with mates. Hope to see you all (and a few more) next week!

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