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Those coming to the pre-season games (starting with tomorrow’s match against our old friends and rivals Richmond) will see a few changes around the ground. In addition to the ongoing work of the staff, Albert and the mid-week volunteers, the Supporters‘ Club, led by Mark, Pam and Richard, organised three Saturdays when crews of members descended on Well Hall to help maintain and improve the ground.

Volunteer Day 1 coincided with the first Lions Test and many key tasks were tackled, ranging from washing the seats in the stand and painting the bleachers, to hanging bunting and rewiring the speakers and TVs in the Green King Bar.

Inspired by what was done on that day, and how much fun was had, Volunteer Days 2 and 3 continued the good work, painting windows, barriers and terracing, weeding and sweeping the car park and tidying various areas of the site.

 Keith & DesJay up the ladder


IMG_7683Pam Hanging Bunting




A huge thank you from all of us to Mark, Pam and Richard for arranging the days, and to the many supporters who turned up to help Club look so good for the start of the season. More days are being planned throughout the season, so please look out for emails and come along if you can – you really do make a difference.

Pitch One and the lower pitches have received lots of TLC from Frank and Albert over the summer, and they are looking great. The outside of the Clubhouse has been painted and, inside, the changing rooms and showers also got some attention, with our Chairman coming in after work to paint the 1st Team changing room himself. As final touches, more signs and other branding are coming in, ready for the start of the season.

Russ Painting

 We hope to see lots of members and supporters at the warm up games against Richmond tomorrow and Bedford on the 26th.

Tim Brindle

Operations Manager

Tim Brindle

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