Assembly Managed Services


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Transforming IT challenges into innovative solutions

With technology transforming at a blistering pace, utilising strategic and flexible solutions is critical to staying ahead of the competition and growing your business. We realise that we need to go beyond making our customers lives easier. As a leading technology solutions provider, bringing people, business, and technology together represents a vision of how Assembly can add value across all of the technology dimensions; setting bold targets for performance in delivering customers current and future IT needs. Our aim is to set the standard, bringing our best together to create the ultimate technology experience for you.  Adopting a human-centric approach, and a planetary perspective where we seek to consume responsibly and innovate. The services we offer provide a solution to the increasing challenges we see evolving for our customers. One that addresses the ‘employee experience’ within the workplace, as well as the more traditional ones associated with cost of service and digital risk.

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