MD’s Report

Welcome back to National 1 rugby for the 2023/24 season.

This season, like all of those before, will be an exciting one for the Club as we return to some old familiar clubs and meet some old friends.

In the playing squad we have seen a couple of retirements over the summer, and some players have chosen to stay at National 2 level due to work and family commitments. That said, we see a few new faces in Shae Tucker, Will Davis, Billy Harding, Ben Charnock and Carl Morgan and we also welcome back (after an extended period of ‘rest’) Mark Cooke and Leo Fielding. I’m also delighted to report that Markus Burcham, our previous Club Captain and most consecutively capped player in National 1, is returning for another season, which gives the entire club a great feeling. 

Off the field we have much to do, and the Executive Board are working furiously to secure the long term future of Blackheath Rugby by purchasing the freehold to Well Hall. This will be the first time in the Club’s entire 165 year history that we have owned our own ground. With that comes responsibility within the local community, and also a great many commercial opportunities that we have previously been unable to access due to our restrictive ties with the Sports Club at Rectory Field, and the terms of our Lease arrangements here at Well Hall — but that will all soon be changing. The Club is working hard, people are volunteering, many hours are devoted by a group of totally committed supporters of this great Club, but we want more of you to join in, wherever and whenever you feel you can, in whatever capacity you feel you are most suited, so please come and find me or email me at and we can find a role for you. 

Lastly, my very best wishes and good luck go to my mate and our new President, Rory O’Sullivan. We have been very fortunate over the years to have some fantastic Executive Members, but Rory (literally) is head and shoulders above many when it comes to being truly representative of what Blackheath Rugby is all about. He joined at 16 years old, he’s played in most of our sides except the Women’s, and enjoys it as much now as he did several years ago when he began. Hopefully we can give him a great first season and I look forward to his first address which will be at the pre-match lunch versus DMP.  

Come on Club!


Russell Ticehurst, Managing Director

Blackheath Rugby Limited