2024-25 Squad Update

A lot of our recent news has been about the new members of the Blackheath Rugby squad, so we thought it was time to bring you up to date on the full squad for the 2024-25 season, and we’re really happy to report that there will be a lot of familiar faces alongside the new signings – have a look at the squad video here

James Shanahan, Director of rugby, is looking forward to the new season “We have amassed depth and competition across the whole squad. This is key in being able to bring our best in two very competitive leagues. We’re really looking forward to the challenge that next season brings, and the journey we can take as a squad with this new group.”

Russell Ticehurst, Managing Director, can’t wait to see the full squad assembled “Shanners and I have been working hard over the last few weeks, trying to assemble the best group we can. We’ve got some tremendous individuals but there’s no doubt we are more excited to see how the squad all come together this season. Very exciting!”

Come and watch the pre-season matches if you can, and a reminder that the First XV will be kicking off their National One games on 7 September at home against our oldest friends and rivals, Richmond.



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