Blackheath U12s vs Sidcup U12s – 01 Oct 23

Blackheath U12s vs Sidcup U12s (Kent Cup/Waterfall), Rectory Field, Blackheath

A Thrilling Rugby Encounter Ends in Home Victory for Club
Match Summary
In the highly anticipated season opener, and our first Cup match, Rectory Field witnessed a thrilling and well-matched encounter between Blackheath U12 and the visiting side Sidcup Bears. The game, which unfolded in perfect running rugby conditions, and in front of an electric home crowd, did not disappoint in terms of intensity and excitement.
First Half
The match kicked off with the Sidcup displaying an effective and aggressive playstyle. Lack of prior gametime for Blackheath did show in the opening minutes, with Sidcup getting the upper hand at the initial breakdowns with some effective jackaling and strong counter rucking. Blackheath started to find their feet and the opening exchanges were tight, with some impressive tackling from Issac Fitzsimmons.
The first breakthrough came when the Bears centre, Riyan Shah, ran over the line putting the visitors ahead. Blackheath, however, didn’t take long to respond. After a well-executed series of phases, Blackheath captain Oliver Simpson opened his season try account.
The remainder of the first half was a nip-tuck battle, with both sides demonstrating physical prowess and tactical acumen. A breathless half closed with the score 20 v 15.
Second Half
The second half began with both sides roaring back into action. Blackheath forwards started to find their stride and asserted dominance in the rucks, getting early to breakdowns and winning valuable possession and territory. Quick ball off the back, allowed Gregor O’Sullivan a number of searing runs, his strength and guile being rewarded with a fantastic individual try. With the forwards gaining the momentum, the backs, marshalled by Johnny Ravenscroft, we’re able to string together some crisp handling and phases of play. This sustained pressure, allowed Blackheath scrum half, Oliver Gowing to score arguably the try of the day.
The Bears, determined not to be outdone, fought back fiercely and capitalised on some Blackheath handling errors. Their scrum-half, Albie Farthing, orchestrated some brilliant plays, keeping the Blackheath defence on their toes.
The final moments of the match were heart-pounding, with both teams attacking and counterattacking. In the dwindling moments, Blackheath wing Oscar Benns, took possession and, backing himself for pace, scored in the corner.
Final whistle brought to the end a breathless match and a final score Blackheath 40 (8 tries – although we counted 9 and 3 disallowed) Sidcup Bears 25 (5 tries).
Regardless of the final result, this thrilling encounter will be remembered as a great rugby showdown that had all spectators on the edge of their seats until the end. Both teams left the field with heads held high, knowing they had given it their all and their showcasing skill and rugby values.
Whilst we have mentioned a few players, this was a massive team effort, involving all Club players playing with the utmost conviction. Onward and upwards!
Blackheath U12: Morrison; Benns; Woodside; Bloomer; Fitzsimmons; Ravenscroft (VC) ;Gowing; O’Sullivan; Simpson (C); Marnham; Kaminskas; Langman-Heath; Thilgarajah; Murray-Jones; Odlin-Peftibay;Keohane
Sidcup Bears: Bloomfield; Batey Rafel; Shah; Williams; Jacobs; reilly; Farthing; Hucker; Livesey; Blisey; Siso; Smallwood; Smith; Philpott; Lloyd; De Villiers; Lidbury; Moor
Blackheath Tries
Simpson (2), O’Sullivan (3), Gowing, Marnham and Benns