Blackheath Women had their first game of the 23/24 season on Sunday 8 October against Medway, at Rectory Field. It was a hotly contested battle between the two teams on a very warm autumnal afternoon.

Medway were first to score, but did not make the conversion. Blackheath Women were still in the game, however Medway ran in their second try which was converted. With a great battle occurring on the pitch, Blackheath were finally able to attack and Nisi (13) ran in the first try for Blackheath, with Jackie (10) converting. The battle continued but, unfortunately, Blackheath’s Lucy (14) was awarded a team yellow card. Shortly before halftime, Lucy was back on the pitch with a bang and scored Blackheath’s second try. The halftime whistle went and the teams were drawn at 12 -12.

Second half kicked off and the team had some newly found energy. Medway scored the first try of the second half, but didn’t convert and Blackheath fired back, when Jackie scored to level the teams again. Unfortunately, Blackheath did not covert either. The second half continued with the teams playing end to end. Medway were able to secure another try and convert, taking the final score of the season opener to 17-24.

We would like to welcome our four debutants: Emma, Ella, Lucy and Roseanne. Congratulations to Ella who was awarded forward of the match and Jackie for back of the match.

The women have a week off before heading to Barnes on 22 October 2023.