U12s – Club v Chinnor

A dry and breezy day saw our U12s take on Chinnor U12s as part of a triple header at The Utilita. 

With both teams up for the spectacle, it took only 3 minutes for Club to pile on the pressure. Lorcan Reilly breaking through the defence only to be stopped on the line, but popped the ball to Oliver Gowing to open the score sheet for the Club. 5-0. 

Chinnor continued to pile on the pressure, but Clubs strong defensive line kept them away from the try line. 

Clubs rucking was on point and a couple of brilliant carries into contact from Oliver Simpson and Gregor O’Sullivan saw Club gain ground. A Chinnor scrum saw the ball kicked long but a run by Jameson Morrison regained all lost ground as the ball was then popped to Simpson to barge through and over the line for Clubs second. 10-0. 

Not quite 2 minutes after the restart, Morrison got the ball in hand again, spied a gap and dodged tackles to fly over for the Clubs third try on the 9 minute mark. 15-0. 

Once again, Chinnor piled on the pressure to move the ball towards our try line. Some excellent tackling from Max Odin-Peftibray, Rafi Verrillio and Riyan Shah allowed Oliver Marnham to steal the ball from the following ruck. Both sides remained strong as the half progressed. 

A long kick from Chinnor found the hands of Isaac Fitzsimmons who pumped his legs to gain Club ground before running into a Chinnor wall. This was followed by great teamwork with the ball passing from Johnny Ravenscroft to Gowing, to Odin-Peftibray to ground, scooped up by Ravenscroft to O’Sullivan before finding the hands of Dexter Bloomer who found the gas to fire over for Clubs fourth try. 20-0.

A Chinnor scrum, followed by a kick saw the ball a little to close to Clubs try line. But Gowing scooped and ran, passing to Simpson as he went to ground, legs pumping he passed to O’Sullivan then Woodside before another great ruck kept the ball and back to O’Sullivan, to Ravenscroft, to Shah and Bloomer before Verrillio was then taken down. Undeterred, Reilly recovered the ball from the ground to pass to Shah who was held up just on the line. Ravenscroft saw the opportunity to collect the ball and tip over for Clubs fifth try. Taking us 25-0 into the break. 


The second half kicked off with George Woodside finding the ball and spotting the gap to run through with Clubs sixth try on minute 22. 30-0. 

More fantastic club team work saw the ball move from one side to the other, wrapping up the opposition before finding Woodside again who powered down the wing for Clubs seventh try. 35-0. 

A Chinnor restart and the ball was kicked straight to Morrison. A Chinnor interception became a knock on and led to a club scrum. The boys were back to moving the ball forwards at pace, Morrison again found the gas pedal and sprinted towards the line with Ted Keohane on his shoulder who caught a cheeky pass to sail over for Clubs eighth try. 40-0. 

Despite the score line, the Chinnor heads did not drop and they were soon back on Clubs tryline. Some excellent defensive play saw Club steal the ball at a ruck and pass to Shah on the wing, who came so close. A little scrappy play with a knock on from each side and we saw Club with an opportunity to tap and go just metres from the Chinnor try line. Here Simpson took the chance to power over for Clubs ninth try. 45-0. 

Another ball stolen at the ruck looked like Keohane was on course for his second try of the game, Chinnor defence saw the threat and wrapped him up, but not before the ball popped to Odin-Peftibray who made it over the line for the Clubs tenth. 50-0. 

Just a few minutes later, Odin-Peftibray made it through and over for Clubs eleventh try. 55-0. 

No more than a minute later, Club were doing what they do best – taking the ball at pace and moving forwards which saw the ball pass from Oliver Marnham to James De Villiers, Simpson, Shah, O’Sullivan and Verrillio before finding O’Sullivan again who powered through the defence, covering almost half the pitch before scoring Clubs twelfth try. 60-0. 

A final Chinnor scrum had club steal the ball and pass straight to Shah who unleashed the power to run two thirds of the pitch to score Clubs thirteenth and the final try of the match. 

Final score Club 65-0 Chinnor. 

Despite the score line, the Chinnor side should be commended for playing so well, never letting their heads drop and enjoying a fantastic game of rugby. 

Blackheath U12s are in action again next Sunday, 25th February as they face Old Alleynian Lions away in the next round of the Waterfall.