Blackheath FC – Vice Presidents

Our Vice Presidents (VPs) are a very important part of the Club. Members are invited to become VPs as a result of nominations by Executive or Club Committee members and approval by the Executive Committee. These nominations are typically for long and exceptional service to Blackheath FC.

Nominations are normally made at the end of each season in writing to the Club President. These nominations include details of the reasons for the nomination. The names of the nominees are then announced at the AGM and the members present may vote on their election.

All VPs are expected to be Members of the Club and to play an active role in supporting the Club’s present and future success. They are a constant and enduring part of our Club.


Albert Patrick Graham Cox Norman Hughes
Andrew Collett Habib Annous Pamela Kilmister
Andy Burrows Harry Fry Pat McCarthy
Andy Lock Huw Gronow Paul Gay
Andy Wansbury Iain Dinning Paul Matthews
Andy Wolstenholme Iain Macleod Paul Roberts
Anita Worrow Ian Tournes Paul Rossiter-Marvell
Ann Williamson Ian Williamson Paul Stack
Anthony Jorden Jackie Thompson Peter Bell
Barry Wooderson James Fleming Peter Brown
Becky Watling Jim Collett Phil Ubee
Bernard Parish John Hull Rakesh Chhabra
Bobby Howe John Legge Rebecca Carlton
Brian Farmer John McIntyre Richard Whiteman
Charles Bain Jon Saunders Rob Ballantyne-Evans
Chris Davies Jonathan Braithwaite      Ron Bailey
Chris Kibble Kathryn Hennessy Russell Ticehurst
Christine Morgan Keith Oliver Simon Botes
Christine Oliver Kelvin Bush Tilly Morgan
Clare Elliot Kristin Hannah Tim Brindle
Conor Ryan Louise Farmer Tim Harmer
Darryl Vas Malcolm Parker Tom Bason
Dave Simpson Mandy Allen Tom Stradwick
David Stringer-Lamarre     Mark Fiander Tonina Patrick
Del Rutter Mark Twomey Yusuf Ibrahim
Derek Brown Markus Burcham  
Des Brett Martin Hoctor
Dicky Stringer Matt Clark
Dominic Walton Maxine Edwards OBE
Dr Adam Bradford Mick Harris
Duncan Herbert Mick Skinner
Elaine Jaxon Mike Friday
Emily Rutter Neil Stevenson
Frank Turner Nick Probert
Gordon Maclennan Nick Stone
Graham Colledge Nik Dinning